Linc English Curriculum

The Linc English Curriculum is targeted at students in junior high, high school, and college and adults, and it improves four English skills: listening, reading, writing and speaking. Although the curriculum is especially effective in preparation for EIKEN (Test in Practical English Proficiency), TOEIC and TOEFL, it is also useful for entrance examinations, business English, and English teacher training programs. The Linc English Method provides Internet study support by synthesized media and real-time learning experience online.

The Linc English Development Team is composed of professionals in the fields of linguistics, English, education, computer science, English didactics and computer technology. It is a mission of Linc English to propose a new English learning system by developing overall English improvement material including a study abroad preparation program, English educator training program, and business English program.

The Curriculum

Linc English online material allows learners to work at their own level according to individual abilities and to study at their own pace. Listening and reading sections offer a variety of topics including art, cross-culture, politics, economics, world affairs, news, history, social issues, science, information technology, environment, sports, and philosophy and various formats including short story, essay, editorial, and informative paragraph. The material is arranged into 18 levels, from an easy stage to more challenging content.

Compared to a Conventional Curriculum:

  • A sophisticated English Language Curriculum which improves four English abilities simultaneously: listening, writing, reading and speaking.
  • A wealth of content, materials and practice questions.
  • English learning material which utilizes audio and multimedia.
  • There are six levels: Pre-Bronze (I, II, III), Bronze (I, II, III), Silver (I, II, III), Gold (I, II, III), Platinum A (I, II, III) and Platinum B (I, II, III). Each level is composed of three sections and one complete section is designed to be fourteen weeks long (one semester). There is an entrance test at the beginning of the week and a completion lesson test at the end of the week. One session is composed of twelve lessons and one lesson is completed in a week. (See lesson curriculum contents).
  • The curriculum includes a learning management system which allows learners to manage their study progress and to receive comments from instructors.


  • Allows users to take lessons anytime anywhere for 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, as long as there are computers or mobile phones with internet access.
  • Level test allows users to work at their own level according to their abilities.
  • Requires about two hours of study per day (about 10 hours per week), enabling users to study at their own pace.
  • Facilitates users' ability to check and manage their progress anywhere anytime since learning progress information is recorded online automatically.
  • Allows educators to manage students’ learning progress easily.
  • Presents a large quantity of content that may be used in preparation for entrance examinations, EIKEN, TOEIC and TOEFL.
  • Aims for "practical English" and "actual English improvement."
  • Offers private writing lessons by writing instructors.
  • The curriculum and teaching guidance was developed by Japanese-American linguists and ESL specialists.
  • Linc English was developed by collaboration of computer science/multi-media specialists and the linguistic education team.
  • Pre-Bronze, Bronze, Silver, and Gold levels are targeted at junior high, high school and college students.
  • Platinum A level is targeted at business people.
  • Platinum B level is targeted at English teachers and advanced level college students and adults.
  • There are three sections per level (parts I, II, III) and twelve lessons for each section. Each level is composed of thirty-six lessons total.
  • Linc Kids English is targeted at children/elementary school students, parents and educators.

Linc English Contents

Students generally complete one lesson each week, requiring about two hours of study per day. A lesson consists of the following:


Image Listening (12 minutes, 25 questions)
View a picture while listening to four different sentences. Choose the sentence that best describes the picture.

Question and Response(12 minutes, 30 questions)
Listen to a question. Choose the most appropriate response to the question.

Short Conversation(12 minutes, 30 questions)
Listen to a short conversation between two people. Based on the conversation, choose the most appropriate answer to the question.

Short Talks (3 minutes, 5 questions)
Listen to and read five paragraphs, one at a time. When you finish each paragraph, choose the most appropriate answer to each of two questions that follow it.


Speed Paragraph Reading
Read a four paragraph article, one paragraph at a time. When you finish a paragraph, choose the best answer to each of three questions that follow it. Read quickly to practice reading speed. Your reading rate is timed.

Reading Comprehension
Read and listen to the four paragraph article from Paragraph Speed Reading. Answer four comprehension questions after you have heard and read the article.

Sentence Insertion
As you read a paragraph, insert the missing sentences. Select the most logical of three choices. Keep reading even if there are words that you don't know. This exercise trains users to understand the connections among sentences and to see how each sentence contributes to the whole story.

Grammar and Vocabulary

Incomplete Sentence (Grammar/Vocabulary Questions: 40 questions)
Each sentence has a word or phrase that is grammatically incorrect. Identify the grammatical error. This format is used in TOEFL and TOEIC.

Error Recognition (Recognize sentence errors): 25 questions)
Choose the most appropriate word or phrase to complete the sentence. This format is used in TOEFL and TOEIC.

Computer and Internet Minimum Requirements:

  • Windows 10, Windows 8, or Windows 7
  • Intel x86 (Pentium 400MHZ +) or compatible processor
  • Mac OS 10.2.x or later
  • Mozilla Firefox 3.6 web browser (Linc English is optimized for use with Firefox), Microsoft Edge (Internet Explorer), Chrome
  • JavaScript and cookies enabled for the browser
  • 56K or faster Internet connection (Broadband is recommended for best results)
  • Flash Player Plugin (Version 10 or later)
  • Android™ 2.2 Platform and Apple's iOS for iPhones and iPads.