Linc Kids is a multi-media, web-based English language training curriculum developed to help schools, and individuals effectively achieve their English learning goals. Linc Kids was developed by a team of American university scholars and expert programmers. Linc Kids has been successfully used in Japan since 2007.

Curriculum Design

  • Designed for both classroom use and self-study.
  • Improves test scores on schools’ entrance exams.
  • Listening, reading, grammar and vocabulary practices and quizzes.
  • Drill training for listen, reading, grammar and vocabulary skill improvement.
  • Practice results displayed to check understanding of content.
  • Teacher side administrative controls.

The Linc Kids Advantage

  • Comprehensive Curriculum - From kindergarten through grade 6. The core curriculum consists of 108 multi-media lessons (2,160 questions) and 108 lesson plans for teachers.
  • User Friendly - Children can learn to navigate the system in minutes. Available anytime, anyplace with internet access.
  • Massively Scalable - System can handle from one to 100,000 students.
  • Teacher Access - Teachers can plan class, give quizzes, and manage grades.
  • Class Forum - Teachers and students can communicate in writing and by voice recording.
  • Localization - Site menu packs available in 70 languages including Japanese, Korean, Chinese, Thai, and Vietnamese.
  • Small Group Plans - available for individual learners, families, tutors, and schools.
  • Private Branding - Unique school or company curriculum installs with additional features and special pricing are available for groups of 100 or more students.
  • Open Platform - System works on most platforms and browsers: Windows, Mac, Linux, Explorer, Firefox, Safari, and Chrome.
  • Mobile Access - System works on Google’s Android 2.2 OS for mobile phones and tablet computers and Apple's iOS for iPhones and iPads.